3 år


Mats 65 år och 3 år sedan Charlotte dog.

I dag har vi varit och tänt ljus och satt blommor. Foton kommer.

Memories and Dust

First I was a hatching
Waiting for my little bones to form
Next I was fledgling
Leaping from the nest, despite the fall
Oh they fall, how we fall

I landed in the garden
Longing for the view behind the fence
Oh my god, I prayed my bones weren´t brittle
For the air we float on can feele dense
Oh, the weight of it aches

But if I speak to you of days upon the ocean
I can speak to you of memories and dust
There won´t be time for all of us
I know there won´t be time for all of us

But in the morning, I can smell you on my pillow
I need to know we won´t get wrung out in the wash
I need to know there´s time for us
I must believe there´s time for some of us

Cause I saw three fall before they were ready to
And I found no sense or gain to bear the cost
Comfort comes to those with faith in mysterious ways
But for me faith don´t make up for what we lost.
Josh Pyke.
Jag såg den på en minnessida och diktaren är mycket känd från Australien.

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